What to do for Weight Loss if you have a Sweet Tooth


Weight loss means to lose extra pounds from the body in terms of losing body fluid, body fat etc.

Nutritious rich food and exercise are very much needed for physical fitness and to live a healthy lifestyle and mostly to fend off health-related issues such as Diabetes, Heart disease etc..

Let’s come to the point,

If really want to make our body get free of extra kilos then importantly to cut off some portion of carbs.

Primarily, sweet items have a very bad impact on our health as for a short while it boosts our energy and makes tummy fuller but quickly again leave for famished and craving more.

Indeed these sweet items are loaded with refined sugar and unpronounceable chemicals and I can say this is the best way to put on some extra kgs.

But also it does not mean that sweet treats mean to gain weight.

 Various types of natural sweeteners and healthy sweet dishes help to. Accomplish our target are as follow:

Dark Chocolate

To gratify sweet hunger, we frequently are turned on to chocolates containing more sugar and milk part.

For weight loss, we can opt for dark chocolate, healthier alternative made up of raw cocoa beans rich source of flavanols.

The most important compound of dark chocolate is the Monounsaturated fatty acids helps to decrease food craving and prevent the belly fat deposition.

Dark chocolate also has the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties linked with a healthier heart.

Greek Yogurt

Another Delightful and nutritious rich sweet treat as it is loaded with the great amount of calcium and protein.

Calcium means healthy bone and protein helps in weight loss by making tummy fuller and satisfied hunger.

We can have a plain yogurt after the meal or make tastier sweet treat /dish by adding chopped fruits, the bit of honey and sprinkle cocoa powder.


Berries are sweet and flavourful containing a high amount of fiber and less amount of sugar part so it does not hurt when it comes to delight sugar craving.

Also strong medicinal properties such as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory help to reduce the risk factors for Diabetes and heart problems.

Frozen Bananas

Bananas are high in filling fiber and potassium. When you freeze bananas, it tastes sweeter than at room temperature.

Mainly it helps with fat deposition and also potassium Part helps with if you are carrying excess water weight from sodium intake then it helps to prevent bloating.

Chickpeas toasted with honey and cinnamon

Chickpeas pack tons of protein and fibre.

The protein from chickpeas is a potential source of energy and helps to make tummy fuller thus reduces appetite.

Having bland chickpeas tastes very distasteful so we can twist it by adding honey and cinnamon.

Cinnamon itself has the weight loss benefits as it controls the blood sugar. It has also been knkown to increase the metabolic rate.

We can make this snack by popping the chickpeas in an oven at 400c for 30 mins and then toss them in cinnamon honey mixture.

Popcorn dusted with cinnamon powder

We usually like to have popcorn with salt and butter, raising more calorie intake.

Popcorn itself is lower in calories and packed with weight loss promoting fibers.

But having plain popcorn is boring so creating it flavourful with blood sugar regulating cinnamon which upgrades straying power.

Chia Seed Pudding

Chia seeds are the tiny black seeds from the plant named salvia hispanica.

Seeds contain a decent amount of protein and fiber helping in the weight loss as its soluble fiber absorbs more water and expands in the stomach which increases a feeling of fullness and reduces food intake.

Seeds also contain unsaturated healthy fats that boom stamina

Check seeds don’t have any taste but making it delicious by pudding with vanilla, coconut milk and also other goodies ups nutritional power.

Following is the healthy, nutritious flavourful dish.

Blend the walnut and pitted dates till it reaches the smooth texture. Mix in the carob, coconut water, and chia seeds. Make small balls and freeze it before serving.