Preventive Measures to fight Cold and Flu in Rainy Season

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Cold and flu are the most commonly occur in the rainy season in different age groups. As humid Heat and cold alternate weather weaken’s the immune power to fight infections and make a person more susceptible to cough, cold and flu.

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These infectious diseases are caused by viruses of different families. the common symptoms are like runny nose, cough, fever, headache, body ache etc. Cold generally lasts for a week but flu takes more time to get healed.

It’s a real Hassel to get sick as it limits productivity but the following tips help you to get rid of sickness and strengthen the immunity.

Carry an umbrella wherever you go

Getting wet from a sudden downpour leads to a sudden change in body temperature and may lead to sickness.An Umbrella is the only best rain gear but the protective shield against cough, cold and flu in the monsoon.

Wash your hands more often

To keep away from illness, regular hand washing to prevent viruses and bacteria.Wash your hands by lathering soap between fingers,under nails and top of the hands. Always use pretty hot water for washing hands as germs hates hot water.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is the common factor for a weaker immune system. There is nothing better than drinking 6-8 cups of water a day with a squeeze of lemon. Boosting the fluid intake cleanses the body of germs and bacteria cures the cold, cough, sore throat and improves the blood circulation as well.

Do gargle

Gargling with warm water reduces the risk of upper respiratory tract infections. As it rinses away the toxins and mucus layer build up in the mouth and expel the viruses out.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol dehydrates the body and decreases the absorption of immunity strengthening nutrients. Reduce the ability of neutrophils to kills germs and makes the body more vulnerable to catch a cold, fever and other infections.

Take enough rest

Sleep is the most reliable defence against any kind of infection, therefore, it is required to take at least 8 hours of sound sleep to stay healthy. Also, Enough sleep helps you to repair muscles, ageing cells and makes a healthier immune system to fight against virus and bacteria during this monsoon.

Increase your Nutritious food Intake

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Eating healthy food is an effective and better way to stay healthy. You can make delicious and little spicy hot soup and makes a rainy day a little warmer. People should include immunity strengthening food in every meal to keep viral infections at bay. So that people can enjoy a rainy day without any health issues.

Keep your Vitamin C level Up

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Include some citrus fruits in diet reduce the severity of cold’s symptoms and make your antibodies more active to fight the infections and keep them away.

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