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Want to Get Rid of Fatty Love Handles?


Everyone nowadays is worried about weight gain and body shape. Our body has different fat deposition areas. Belly fat is most stubborn to lose. And after that comes to love handles.

“Love handles”, very lovely to hear but once get fatty then hard to lose. ‘Love handles’ means, excessive fat that deposits around both sides of the waist and hang out of the top of pants. It is very difficult to hide, and the entire body looks shapeless. It is also called as “Muffin top”. As it looks like a baked muffin top.

In this article, I will guide you about dietary changes, behavioural changes, and some exersises to get rid of ” Fatty love Handles”.

1) Dietary changes

Sugary and Starchy foods are Enemy.

So, include whole cereals in your daily diet. Salads and vegetables are good to fulfill your Hunger than simple sugary sweets. Excessive sugar from the sweet remains in body unused and get converted into fat which deposits around your waist.

Home made food is the best.

Try to eat homemade foodstuffs. it is made with love, care, and in a clean atmosphere. My experience says homemade food is easy to metabolize. food from hotels and from street vendors are unsafe to eat. the amount of fat used is much more than required. as well as they use soda bicarbonate, Ajinomoto, various food additives and food colours that increase toxins in the body.

Alcohol- Casue for “false appetite”

lcohol increases the feeling of hunger by stimulating brain cells that regulate appetite. It causes you to consume more calories which leads to fatty de5posites around the belly and waist.

While alcolic beveragescontain sugar and only empty calories which ultimately leads to weight gain and harmfull visceral fat.

Detoxification is necessary.

Detox is necessary to remove the overload of toxins from the body. excess fat is also a toxin. You can detox your body once or twice in a month. on detox day just go far fruits, vegetables and juices, coconut water, green tea. This will be rest to your digestive system. It will help you to burn fat also.

Drinking enough water is good for detoxification.

Boost your protien intake.

Protien keeps your body lean and gives good shape. if you are not taking enough qauntity of protein, you will not see required results in weightloss.

Vegan peoples can get protein through soybeans and soy products like soy milk, nuggets etc. milk is a good source of protein. non-vegetarians can include egg whites, roasted chicken, fish etc in your diet.

2) Behavioral changes

  1. Try to listen to your stomach. Sometimes we misunderstand hunger. And keep on eating. The body needs enough water to keep working and refreshed. So check out whether it is hunger or thrust. Drink enough water.
  2. Choose food wisely. This will keep you away from the overload of calories.
  3. Example- whole wheat roti over maida roti or whole wheat bread over maida bread, whole fruits rather than sugary sweets etc.
  4. Train your mind to recognize craving and real hunger. Cravings for sweets can be stopped by eating dry dates, black currants, dark chocolate, bananas, sapota etc.
  5. Sitting for more than half an hour at one place will increase fat around the waist. Move around every half hour. Do some simple exercises every two hours. You can also do some exercise while sitting on the chair.
  6. Keep fruit or roasted chana always in your bag. So, you can have it while hungry. It will keep you away from junk foods like pizza and burger, vada pav etc.
  7. Keep healthy food at the place where you can see and find them easily. While keeping junk snacks out of sight will help you cease nibbling in between meals.
  8. Do not go to grocery shop when you are hungry.
  9. Eat meals on the time and in the right quantity.
  10. Use of the staircase instead of the lift and walk for small distances make a bigger difference.
  11. Learn to say “No’. if someone forcing you to eat unnecessary calories.
  12. Stay motivated. Weight loss is Game where you win when you lose fat.

3) Exercise

Yes, exercise is an important and essential part of fitness and weight loss. Here, we will be discussing functional workout to get rid of fatty love handles.

I will suggest you warm up for 10 min and Cardio exercise for 20 mins. Before starting the functional exercise regime noted here. Stretching and cooldown for 5min, after you finish the workout. Cooldown is an important part , as it reduces sourness of muscles.

Here,I am suggesting you tried and easy way to get rid of love handles.

What do you need for exercise-

a Yoga mat, Dumbells, Cattle bells of your choice

Enlisting exercises below –

Twister jumps

Stand on the ground with your legs close to each other. HOld your hand infront of your chest. Now twist your upper body on right side while your hands on the left. Start jumping fast in this position side by side. Do 25 repetations on each side and 2 sets.

Windmill pose.

  • Stand feet apart. Spread your hands outwards. Start bending on your right side first until you touch ankles. Then bend on the left side. Do 20 repetitions on each side and 2 sets. For making it more challenging you can use cattle bells

Seated oblique crunches or Gate pose –

Seat on the knees. Spread your right leg on the right side. Stretch your left hand upwards above your head. Now, bend your body on the right side while touching your right ankle with the right hand. This is one repetition. Complete 20 on the right side and then on the left side. do 2 sets of 20 repetitions each side.

Leg raises- 3 types-

Stand near a wall with closed legs. keep your right hand on your waist.Now, spread right leg infront of your body without bending forward. do 20 repetetions.

With the same leg,spread leg on right side of your body. Do 20 reps.

And with same leg,extend your leg backwards as much you can without bending forwards. Do 20 reps.

Repeat same on the left side.

Russian twists.

Sit on the ground with your back straight. Feet should be extended in front of your chest. Fold your knees. Bend backwards slightly less than 90 degrees. Hold your hands in front of the chest. Now Twist your body side to side. You use dumbells to make it more challenging. Do 2 sets of 10 repetitions. Increase reps and sets gradually.

Hyper-extension bench exercises.


Do side bending on hyperextension bench as shown in the image.

Hip brigde exercise.

Lie on the back on a yoga mat. feet should be hip apart. Hands rested on respective sides of body with palm facing down.. Fold knees. NOw, exhale and lift the hip up oof the floor. Hold position for 3 secs. Repeat the position without touching the floor. do 15 reps and 2 sets.

Side plank hip dips.

Lie on right side on the yoga mat hips and legs should be in a straight line. Place right fore arm on the floor. In such a way that elbow comes under the shoulder. Now, lift hips forming a straight line from head to heels with the power of right forearm. This is the starting position. Now, lift the hips above the straight line and come back to starting position. Do 10 repetitions on each side.

4) How to know you are doing Enough.

To see that you right track, I have a good idea. Write down your initial measurements. Use measuring tape for measurement.

  • Where to take the measurements?.
  • Take 2 inches upper and lower side of naval as well as on the navel. It is a good method for tracking progress. Use of only weighing scale can give the false result as muscles are heavier than fat.
  • Check your weight.
  • Every week on the same day. Because losing love handles means losing extra fat and weight. Any changes in weight should be noted down. So that you can do desirable changes in diet and exercise regime.
  • Maintaining a diet diary
  • It is the most important Part. By monitoring your own diet you can easily find out what’s making you fat. This will help you to control food intake and to change faulty food habits.
  • Make a fitness buddy.
  • This will inspire you to lose weight. It will create a healthy competition.

Bottom line

Don’t believe in spot reduction. You can lose love handles only if overall body fat is reduced. “There is no shortcut to lose weight.” Only proper diet and exercise will help you to lean and fit body.

What do you think?


Written by Amruta Neje

Hello,I am Amruta Neje, a dietician and gym instructor. Currently I am running my own health club named "Urja".I have been in this field from 2012. I was working as dietician earlier in a multispeciality hospital as well as MNC like VLCC.
Being passionate about food, nutrition and exercise, made me start my own gym,where guidelines and rule set by my own knowledge. A healthy weightloss occured through my gym has changed life of many peoples,in many ways. That gives me real happiness. I dont believe in short term results of crash diets. I think, healthy being is matter of "healthy lifestyle".
I am very happy that here I can express my knowledge and exeperience through articles. Thank you.

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