Things you Should Never do Right after a Meal

We always assume that having some healthy, nutritious food containing high protein, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals with some physical activity is the means of healthy wellbeing. But this is not enough.

There is saying such as eating on time and in some portion is also required. Although a few things we are habituated with after finish your meal may put our life at risk of danger.

Here I will explain certain things you should never do post a meal.


The best thing we like to do is hitting a bed directly after a meal. But do you know how it affects our body? Firstly, the digestive juices from the stomach going back to the oesophagus due to gravitational force lead to the burning sensation in the oesophagus. Secondly, it slows down the digestion in stomach results in bloating, discomfort, acidity weight gain and may also increase the chances of heart stroke.

That’s why it always said that having a meal 2-3 hrs before sleeping.

Eating delicious Fruits

Fruits are always healthier in all way but there is some period for having it. The best time is to have it in breakfast for catching all its essential nutrients or 30 minutes before a meal. What happens if you take after meal? Fruits take lesser time to digest than food as some enzymes present in the body. Having it after a meal makes it stuck in the body for a longer time and nullifying its nutritional value. Also, you may experience heartburn, indigestion and other discomforts.


We usually prefer to go for a walk to burn some calories and makes easy digestion but it might interfere with food digestion. So, wait for a while.

The hazardous thing Smoking

We all aware of the dangerous signs of cigarette smoking yet many people are so much addicted to they can’t quit.

But most importantly it impacts our health badly when you do smoke after the meal. The reason behind is nicotine present in cigarette binds with the oxygen required for digestion and forms carcinogen. This makes faster absorption of carcinogen than normal which may put your health more at risk.

Smoking after post-meal is equal to smoking 10 cigarettes at once and increases the chances of lung cancer and bowel cancer more.

Sipping a Tea or coffee

Some people have a bad habit of having tea or coffee immediately after meal for relieving muscle fatigue and mental stress. Not allow this beverage after the meal as the chemical component tannin present in tea binds with the protein and iron from food which decreases the 87% of iron absorption. Leads to various iron deficiency such as anaemia, dizziness, weakness, cold hands and feet etc.

Whether sipping these beverages before or after the meal but the consumption should be in moderation.

Taking a shower

To digest food is required some energy. After piping a hot meal, we usually intend to go for a bath. But it’s not good at all. As you start showering the body, blood flow starts increasing in hands and feet and slows down in the stomach. This may cause weaken your digestive system and invite several digestive issues. It is best to wait for at least 30 minutes after a meal.

Drinking Coldwater

Some people have the habit of drinking cold water whatever the season is! Indeed, not good for health. As cold water slows down the digestion and not letting the nutrients to get absorbed properly and resulting in clumping of food in the stomach. In another way, warm or room temperature water makes easy digestion but remember to drink it after 30 -45 minutes after the meal.

Move your body with dancing

We always think the movement is necessary after eating for fast digestion but no. Too much dancing or moving makes it difficult to digest food in the intestine.

Brushing Teeth

woman brushing teeth in bathroom

Scrubbing teeth after a meal is a good idea to get away food particles and debris. But in another way, it affects our teeth as it removes the enamel layer on teeth and makes it more susceptible to damage. Therefore, it is better to wait at least for half an hour post a meal.

Driving a car

After eating, blood flow increases in the abdomen for digestion and lesser in the brain. Therefore, less concentration makes it dangerous for driving. So do not immediately hit the road but wait for some time.

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