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Menopause, It’s Problems And Solutions

Menopause, this stage comes in every woman’s life and is a natural process. The time when a woman’s menstruation cycle stops is called the “Menopause”. This marks the ends of women’s fertile life.

The women’s ovaries produce the hormones estrogen and progesterone which are responsible for regulating female body characteristics, pregnancy, and menstrual cycle. During the Menopausal period, ovaries functions cease and this results in inadequate menstrual cycle or the woman no longer can get pregnant. Also the levels of Estrogen, one of the fertility hormones, which is also responsible for maintaining the integrity of the bones begins to fall,therefore, the chances of osteoporosis become high.

Menopause usually starts at the age of 51 but may start as early as the 30s or 40s. The common sign is the irregularity in the menstrual cycle for a year but causes drastic changes in the body which trigger severe problems.

This article will explain what is the problems that may arise and different medical treatments or home remedies that can be done to deal with them.

The Complications women may experience

Irregular Periods

This is the first noticeable sign of Menopause. During menopause, women may get periods twice in a month or some may not get even once in a month.

Hot Flashes

This is the common symptom for a woman who goes through Menopause. The sudden feeling of heat on the upper body part mainly neck, face, chest may be experienced.

Skin becomes red patchy and Heartbeat also increases and becomes irregular. This symptom starts usually after last period cycle. Hot Flashes usually lasts from 30 seconds to several minutes.

Because of Heat, night sweating also occurs which results in sleep deprivation and daytime tiredness.

Vaginal Symptoms

As decreases level of estrogen makes tissues lining the vagina makes thinner, drier and less elastic. Therefore the problems like vaginal itching, dryness, and pain during intercourse may persist thus woman gets more susceptible to vaginal infections.

Urinary tract issues

Menopause may disrupt urinary cycle The urethral lining also goes with the same problem becomes dryer, thinner and less elastic due to the declining level of estrogen. This leads to more frequent urination or leakage of urine as well and therefore urinary tract infections such as cystitis may occur.

Mood Swings

Women during menopause suffer through the symptoms of memory problems, irritability, changing mood behaviour, tiredness due to inadequate sleep, fatigue.

Menopause can affect cognitive functions means lack of concentration and focused learning.

Other Physical Changes

Some women may put on some weight as an uneven distribution of fat more in the abdominal area and less in Hips and thighs. Also changes in skin texture such as wrinkles, acne may develop. Due to male hormone testosterone effects, women may experience hair growth on the chest, chin or upper lip. Hair thinning, breast shrinkage may also occur.

Without treatment symptoms of vaginal itching may even get worst.

Severe Complications

Cardiovascular Diseases

Low level of estrogen significantly increases the chances of Heart disease and this is the most prominent cause of death in men and women. Therefore it is recommended to do regular exercise, follow a healthy diet pattern and maintain cholesterol level.


Estrogen is responsible for maintaining healthy bone density. Lack of estrogen makes weak and brittle bones which leads to wrist, hips and spine fractures. Therefore physicians usually recommend some calcium tablets for healthier bones.

Breast Cancer

Risk of cancer increases during menopause period but exercise and physical activity may help to reduce the chances.

How to manage Menopause

For Breast Tenderness

Swelling of breasts and tenderness are the symptoms of menopause. We can ease the problems by taking some nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen and Naproxen helps decrease the pain and swelling. But remember it has some side effects so take the medicines after consulting the physician.

There are certain herbs can also be effective for potential relief:

Black currant oil: It contains a high amount of vitamin C and essential nutrients ease the symptoms of breast tenderness.

Primrose oil: used in European countries to relieve the symptoms.

For Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness makes the itching and may disrupt the sexual life as well. Plenty of water intake moisturises the vaginal area. Sesame seed oil topical ointment can be used to ease dryness.

Vaginal estrogen cream and sustained release estrogen rings deliver the estrogen for treating dryness but higher usage increase the chances of other conditions such as stroke, blood clots, heart attack, breast cancer etc.

For Hot Flashes

Phytoestrogens are the plant-based hormones helps to reverse the hormonal imbalance. Soy-based foods such as tofu, red clover, liquorice might be helpful to treat the condition.

Try to avoid consuming spicy foods, hot beverages and alcohol. Mainly keeping water on hand.

Eat a balanced diet

As we discussed earlier, during menopause hot flashes, night sweats these symptoms are getting aggravated. Thus to avoid such problems eat a meal full of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fibres and protein. Decreasing intake of alcohol, caffeine, high carb food which overall improve the wellbeing.

Drink Plenty of Water

Always recommended to have at least 8 cups of water in a day. Staying hydrated regulate the body temperature and manage the symptoms of hot flashes and headache.if you go on vacation, always make sure to hydrate your body with some juices or water.

Be Relax and sleep well

We should not overlook the importance of sleep as it is needed to have 8 hours of sound sleep. You need Proper sleep to improve your brain functioning, immunity power and cardiovascular system.

Exercise Regularly

A sedentary lifestyle is a cause of all illnesses. Daily workout is necessary for hormonal balance and overall health. Cardio activities like running, swimming, walking etc are always good for heart health. Weight training can also be done to control weight, stronger bones, manage chronic diseases etc. I think yoga is the best during menopause time as it helps to regulate mood swings, relieve stress.anxiety and stay focused.

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