Lockdown Your Bad Habits With Easy Tips For Building A Healthy Lifestyle.

lockdown your bad habits

Switching to good habits is a challenge. To bring good changes in lifestyle one needs great desire and motivation. We need to Harnessthat desire and start making long-lasting and powerful changes, that will ultimately progress into a healthy lifestyle. That will strengthen your mental, physical, and social well being.      Here are some points yo be considered while building a healthy lifestyle-

1) Know your strengths and weakness 

know your strengths and weakness to lead a healthy lifestyle
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Recognize your strengths and weakness. knowing Your strong areas will increase your potential to overcome weakness. Meditation and positive thinking can increase your strengths.

2) Remember 4A action plan

remember 4A action plan to achieve goal of healthy lifestyle
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  • Avoid – avoid negative thoughts or peoples who are keeping you away from good habits. Example- Many addicted people come under peer pressure to not leave the addiction.
  • Alter- Trick your mind yo alter your bad habits.
  • Accept-accept that bad habits are only to give a negative impact on your life and not worthy of anything.
  • Adapt- Start adapting good thoughts, good thoughts will convert into actions, and actions will convert into “healthy lifestyle.”

3)Recognize obstruction, Focus on your Target. 

Recognize obstruction, Focus on your Target.
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Decide your Target plan. Focus on the healthy changes that you want to incorporate into your life. This is very important to achieve good results and maintaining them. Know your Target and stick to them. Because Many Other faulty attractions may obstruct you to achieve perfect results Recognising such obstruction is half the battle won.

 4) Positive attitude and Self-inspiration

Positive attitude and Self-inspiration
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remember that only you have to take efforts to build a lifestyle for yourself. When you start following good things, good results will automatically restart. That will keep you motivated. Sometimes it’s not very easy to stick to good changes. Self-inspiration plays important role here. Open your eyes, see  Small and good changes, and appreciate yourself for them.

5)Neglect and Repeat 

Neglect and Repeat
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Learn to neglect things that taking you back on the way to “faulty attractions”. Be strong on the things that you want. Reapit them each time. Its scientifically proven that, it takes at least 21 days of repetition to adapt to good habits. Reputation and practice are key.  Most peoples want to live their best life which is fulfilling and joyful and whatever they hoping for. Taking one step daily towards achieving your goal is the most faithful way to succeed. The following tips can be followed to build and achieve a healthy lifestyle.

  • Switching to homemade food instead of having ready to eat and junk foods. It is a great thing to start which will give prompt results.
  • Workout daily.
  • Sleeping and getting up at regular times.
  • Drinking enough water at regular intervals.
  • Keeping your weight near to ideal weight.
  • Harvesting your hobbies.
  • Listing good habits to be followed.   Building a healthy lifestyle is a precious Gift from yourself to you.

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Written by Amruta Neje

Hello,I am Amruta Neje, a dietician and gym instructor. Currently I am running my own health club named "Urja".I have been in this field from 2012. I was working as dietician earlier in a multispeciality hospital as well as MNC like VLCC.
Being passionate about food, nutrition and exercise, made me start my own gym,where guidelines and rule set by my own knowledge. A healthy weightloss occured through my gym has changed life of many peoples,in many ways. That gives me real happiness. I dont believe in short term results of crash diets. I think, healthy being is matter of "healthy lifestyle".
I am very happy that here I can express my knowledge and exeperience through articles. Thank you.

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