Let Yoga Help you Fight your Sleep Woes

Fight your sleep woes

Effects of Lifestyle on Sleep

Sleep is very important for every living being.

We spend 40% of the day sleeping. Every person requires at least 7-8 hours of sleep every day.

What is insomnia? what causes insomnia?

Insomnia is a sleep disorder or an inability to sleep.


Maintain your bio-cycle

There are many reasons for a person not getting sleep. The first and foremost reason is shift changes. Our body requires some time to get used to every routine, like if a person is used to sleep at 8 every night, his brain starts thinking of sleep at the same time every day. In an IT profession, where shifts are changing, it is very difficult for that person to get adapted to changing sleep timings.

Mental Status matters

Depression and too much of thinking also leads to insomnia. Excess work also can be a reason for difficulty in sleeping. No activity for a person can also lead to insomnia.

Reduce your Screen time

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Another common reason for lack of sleep is our gadgets. We are all used to check our phones before going to bed, in order to not miss any important things or chats. But we forget that we are missing the most important thing, that is sleep. The waves and light of the phone screen do not allow us to fall asleep for a long time after we put off the screens away from our eyes. Heavy meal some hours before sleep also hampers our sleep.

Exercise has an effect too

Heavy exercise before bedtime leads to a problem in sleeping. Because of the busy schedule, where people have no time to exercise, goes to the Gym or for a walk, late hours in the evening, thinking they are doing something good by giving time to their body, forgetting that they are losing their health, by not giving enough time for their sleep. Exercise releases a hormone called Endorphin. This gives an Euphoria effect. When you feel happy your brain does not want to sleep, so you should avoid any type of exercise at least 1 hour before going to bed.

Healthy Sleep

Sleep disorder is nowadays very common in young people also. Falling asleep as soon as you get into bed and sleeping for at least 6 hours without waking up is a sign of healthy person. Sleep, which is most important part of our daily routine has to be taken care of. Never keep your self awake when to feel sleepy. As we take care of our expensive belongings, so should we take care of our body. We know our phone takes some time for charging, accordingly we plan, when to charge the phone, same has to be done with our body. We should plan our schedule accordingly, keeping in mind that at least 6 hours to be given for sleep. Change in our lifestyle while help us change our quality and quantity of sleep. Both are equally important.

Let us talk about the quality of sleep.

Being in bed for 6-8 hours, does not mean you slept for the same time. Good quality of sleep means a sleep in which you don’t get awake often, you don’t get more dreams. If you feel fresh when you wake up, means you slept well. If you don’t feel like going to bed in the entire day means you slept well. Feeing sleepy at the same time you slept previous day means you slept well.

Lifestyle Changes to sleep better

  • There should be no exercise or work out 1 hour before going to bed.
  • No heavy meals 2 hours before going to bed.
  • No drinking of excess fluids or water few hours before going to bed, that may hamper your sleep, as you have to get up for urination.
  • No keeping the lights and TV on while sleeping.
  • Let the bed place be clean and well ventilated.
  • Girls during their menses should keep the habit of changing before bedtime. Cleanliness and hygiene lead to better sleep.
  • Never sleep in the clothes you are wearing the entire day. Always be in habit of changing the dress before going to bed.
  • Wear loose fitting and light color clothing at bedtime.

Is the bodyache not letting you sleep?

  • Sometimes body ache also may be a reason in difficulty in falling asleep. Lumbar rest helps to relieve body ache which is just because of heavy work. This can be done in bed as well, 10 minutes before going to Sleep.
  • Abdominal breathing is very good for better sleep. Sleeping in this position and doing abdominal breathing helps better sleep. This can also be done in bed just a few minutes before going to bed. Abdominal breathing is blowing the stomach like a balloon, when you inhale (take air in through nose) and releasing the balloon as you exhale (take air out through nose) this can be done with closed eyes, 10 times before sleeping, can be done in bed itself.
Take care of your body.