Essential Skincare Tips to Brighten up your Skin this Winter

Say hello to cold season of the year.

Winter is the gorgeous season as to bring out all nice woollen accessories. But on the other side, it causes major damage as makes frizzy hair and dry skin.

To handle all winter extremities, I have addressed some essential skincare tips to get fabulous and glowing skin in this dazzling season.

Drink plenty of water

First I would say as Hydration is a must in chilled weather to repair the dry skin. Dehydration is the common cause in winter. Our mouth gets dried but we don’t crave for water instead we think to have some hot liquids like tea, coffee, soups etc.

Also, water easily evaporates from the body because of drier air. To keep your skin happy, install a humidifier at the place is the good alternative.

Remember to Moisturise the skin regularly

This is perhaps the most obvious tip. Moisturise the skin repetitively during a day to refrain sharp effects of the cold air. Always choose the oil-based moisturiser to lock the moisture in your skin.

You can also massage the coconut or argan oil on the whole body before taking a bath for making a skin texture soft and supple.

Protect your hands 

Hand skin has fewer oil glands which make the skin to escape the moisture rapidly leads to itchy and cracky skin. So moisten it before stepping out or wearing gloves also be a good alternative to keep away from harsh winter elements.

Foot care

Moisten your foot skin using glycerine based creams, olive oil or petroleum gelly. Also remember to scrub your foot skin gently to remove all dried skin by applying sugar, olive oil mixture. If your heels are riddled with cracks then you can try glycerine, lemon juice and sugar mixture

Lip Care

To prevent dry and chapped lips, apply the lip balms several times in a day. Also, you can try ghee during night time for pinkish lips.

Use lukewarm water

In cold weather, we prefer to take a hot shower but it’s not good at all. The question is why? Because Hot water makes your skin more cracky results in itching and dryness. Therefore after taking lukewarm water bath, immediately moisturise should be applied.

In winter people get much affected with viruses and bacteria so the consumption of lukewarm water helps to fight against those.

Take care of your skin

Whenever you step out in winter, always wear gloves, caps and carry the sunscreen lotion. Warm sun rays feel to be pleasant but intense rays could damage skin badly.

Skin is drier and much sensitive in cold weather so moisture level gets easily stripped off. Therefore apply sunscreen lotion to restore the moisture level in the skin.

Another reason is to keep your skin younger and glowing.

Follow Proper Diet pattern

Winter is the best season to fulfil all nutritional requirements and to enjoy all types of delicious, yummy fruits and fresh, leafy green available all around the corner.

The question is what type of diet to follow?

Protein is essential in winter as the body easily gets susceptible to infections. Therefore to take protein-rich food such as soy, fish, meat, egg and dairy products to raise the energy level and keep the infection at bay.

Consume a lot of fruits and veggies to get a decent amount of vitamins and antioxidants that your skin require to look younger and fight to age.The vitamins are needed in winter to avoid all diseases in cold weather too. Try every day a habit of consuming one fruit daily in its raw form like oranges, banana, grapes, berries, apple, etc. But try to get more vitamin c means citrus fruits for healthier skin.

No wonder Minerals are as important as other nutrients for healthy well being. There is much mineral-rich food such as dried fruits, leafy greens, nuts and seeds etc.

Don’t trench the sunglasses

The people who stay where snow heavily is the compulsion to wear sunglasses. Why it is important? First to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, wind and debris. The glare from the sun and snow may cause fine lines, the brown spot around your eyes as well.

Wearing sunglasses protect the contact lenses from drying too.

Don’t carry wet clothes for too long

There is fun in playing and walking in the snow. But make sure to put off all your wet clothes, gloves and socks as early as possible to refrain itching and falling sick

Exercise in winter

There is a bit of difficulty in leaving cosiness and warmth of your blanket in the chilled morning but you should do it if you want to stay healthy.

First of all, exercise makes you warm in winter and Pump up your heart rate results in improved blood circulation. Blood circulation makes your skin naturally glowing and radiant.

As we know exercise is good for longer living, strengthening immunity to fight off all types of infections and to avoid weight gain.

Be attentive while exfoliating your skin

Exfoliation means to get rid off dead skin cell for getting smooth skin and brighten your complexion. But be conscious while in winter as the skin is already bearing the dry and cold weather. So if you have dry skin, exfoliate the skin lightly and if combination skin type does it once a week is fine.

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