Choosing Food Is Fine For The Peace Of Mind!

choose food for peace of mind

 “Stress”, is a friend of ours now! No longer a stranger!

Adults do have a lot of stress related to workload, family issues etc

Children these days are also taking a lot of loads( carrying heavy school bags, completing homework, exam pressure etc)

Stress is a big word with different types and intensities.

We might experience the same kind of difficult situations in life. Our responses differ from person to person.

“Attitude” is what exactly differs!

As they say –

A pessimist perceives every negative side for an opportunity.

An optimist perceives positive side for an opportunity.

An opportunist converts every difficulty into opportunity!

We all wish to stay calm and positive during stress. Solving problems is a big task although.

Giving best performance, we try to get the best results each day.

An effort to add success and happiness in our lives!

In stress, we try a lot of things like meditation, laughter therapy, reading jokes or watching comedy shows, listening to songs, etc.

It is believed that stress changes “eating behavior” or pattern.

Individual’s food choices are mainly influenced due to stress. Sweet craving is more common in stress.

Some people might choose comfort foods like ice cream, chocolate, pizza, etc.. These people mostly put on weight during stress.

On the other hand, some people may eat in less quantity or sometimes even skip their meals. They tend to lose weight during stress.

Both approaches can give temporary relief.

There are certain foods that act as stress-busters. Some foods that are stress- busters are:-

1.   Using lemon or lime juice:

Vitamin C is an important nutrient for relieving stress.

Lemon contains citric acid. Lime juice is rich in Vitamin C.

Lime water helps in maintaining electrolyte balance. It also plays role in reducing blood pressure.

Garnishing recipes with lime juice is indeed a great option. Having a glass of lime water in our daily routine is much beneficial.

Intake of lime juice makes us feel fresh, happy and cheerful!

using lemon or lime juice

2.  Adding 1 bowl curd :

The curd is a “probiotic”.It contains beneficial live bacteria.

Beneficial bacteria improve the count of healthy bacteria in the gut microflora.

A healthy gut microflora is linked with reducing stress and anxiety, promoting mental well being.

adding 1 bowl curd

3.  A pinch of Turmeric:

Turmeric contains a substance called “curcumin”.  Curcumin acts against stress, anxiety, and depression.

It also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Intake of turmeric prevents inflammation causing disorders like cancer, cardiovascular diseases etc.

Turmeric is mostly added in vegetables, dals, and many other recipes.

a pinch of turmeric

4.  Green leafy vegetables 2-3 times a week:

Folate plays role in stimulating the secretions of hormones which provide a “calming” and “feel good” effect.

Maximum green leafy vegetables are rich in “folate”. Spinach is a better choice!

People who don’t like spinach vegetables can try spinach paratha, spinach soup,  raita etc…

green leafy vegetables 2-3 times a week
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Intake of these foods will certainly reduce stress!

An effort to add happiness and cheerfulness in your life!  Change of attitude ” pessimistic” to “optimistic”. Getting next level “optimistic” to “opportunistic”.

What do you think?

Written by Soniya Sane

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