Worried About Binging this Festive Season?


The festive season is coming up- Diwali, Thanksgiving, New Year- it is all around the corner. We all are gearing up to welcome the festivities by cleaning our homes, making tasty snacks and good food. This joyful happy festival can be celebrated without being guilty of Overeating !!

Worried about gaining weight?

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Choice of food and Mealtime is important to avoid gaining weight. Being a little careful, while choosing your food can help in maintaining energy balance between what you eat and what you burn. Overeating in this festive period can alleviate health problems, like diabetes, acidity, weight issues etc.

Simple ways to maintain health and enjoy this season to fullest!.

Portion control:

Even the Government nowadays is emphasizing on “ Thoda Kam “ which means -eat a little less than usual. Reducing plate size by 2inch will help to reduce weight by almost 8 kg in 2-3 months. This is known as a small plate movement.

Avoid too much alcohol and soft drinks:

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Festive parties and celebrations with friends should not mean binging. This is especially for those already suffering from health concerns. A bottle of Cola or a glass of alcohol with the meal adds up unwanted extra empty calories. Remember to keep them to a  minimum.


Sitting is the new smoking now! While you enjoy your delicious delicacy, don’t forget to be physically active.  At least 30 minutes walk every day or 10,000 steps a day will keep you active and healthy. Be more on toes rather on sofas.

Go for homemade food:

Readymade packaged foods are not only costly but contribute to more calories, fats, carbohydrates, sodium, and trans fats. They finally add up an extra weight on your body, make your sugars go out of control, fluctuate your blood pressure and make you lazier. In homemade food items, you can have a check on your sugar, salt and oil portions. You can substitute maida (refined flour) with wheat flour, instead of frying you can bake or steam the snacks. You may also try using skimmed milk for sweets. Jaggery, honey, and dates can be replaced with the white sugar, though diabetics still need to be careful when eating these food items.

Hydration is the key:

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Drinking 10 to 15 glasses of water a day will keep you away from excess cravings and overeating. Water is the best detox you can have. Including buttermilk, lemonade juices, coconut water, sherbets etc can help you in getting that extra glow on your face, quench your thirst and prevent you from overeating.

Eat 3 -4 meals a day:

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A balanced diet is always the best diet. Try to stay away from fad diets. A balanced diet gives you all the essential nutrients, caters to your health needs and avoids uncalled for nutritional complications. They are the best way to keep a healthy metabolism and avoid overeating.

Be  nutritionally sufficient:

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Hunger at the wrong times can be an indication of many things- the most important being nutritional deficiencies. If you find yourself frequently hungry or with cravings for certain foods, it may mean that you are lacking some essential nutrients in your body. One of the most common deficiencies is a Magnesium deficiency which gives us a craving for chocolates!

Plan healthy snacks:

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It is always important to plan the meals ‘in between’ the meals too. Healthy snacks between meals avoid binge eating and maintain consistent sugar levels. Elevated sugars will make you eat more than your body really needs. Dry fruits like almonds, walnuts or Seeds like pumpkin and Flax seeds are good alternatives to munch in between meals.


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As I said, water is the best detox. to add to that, including citrus fruits is a good idea too. They not only make you feel fresh but also helps to detox your body. Lots of green veggies and yogurt can flush those toxins from the body.

Enjoy this festive season with these simple changes guilt-free hurray!