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Barriers for Lifetime and Long Term Weight Loss


‘Uhh! No Way…I am not gonna eat this…It will make me fat’. These are a few of the first sentences that we come across when someone is on a weight loss diet or going through it. The next thing I see them doing is binge eating or overeating one or the other food.

So, today in this article I’ll be discussing some very important challenges which people face. These challenges make them either give up or put on more weight then they started;

1. Not having clearly defined Dream3 & Goals:

not having clearly defined dream and goals

The No. 1 reason which I have come across is that they are not clear on why they want to lose weight to start off with. Being clear on your dream & setting goals which are aligned with your dreams is the first step towards a  long-lasting change.

2. Stress Management:

stress management

Stress2 can be perceived as Physical, Chemical, Electromagnetic, Psychic, Nutritional & Thermal. People relate the term ‘stress’ with mind solely. It is very important to understand that any form of stress could lead to path deviation. It takes real discipline to manage your stress levels. Without establishing your legacy & identifying core values which I’ll be discussing in my next article it is highly unlikely that you will develop the discipline to continue to lose weight & sustain it.

3. Physiological & Mechanical Challenge:

Another important cause for giving up is due to overdoing any form of physical activity and ending up with overuse injuries or any postural or gait problems.

4. Lack of time & financial resources:

lack of time and financial resorces

‘Time is money’ for most of the people, but if time is compromised at the cost of their health, it will only make them miserable later in life. Time Management is an essential skill to be applied in order to balance work & life. Not having enough money to afford Gyms, Equipment, exercise sessions, place, etc. is another reason for giving up on their journey of being healthy.

5. Underlying Health issues:

In this polluted & corrupted world, it is difficult & takes good energy & commitment towards oneself to maintain health. When you are doing everything right, and still not able to lose weight & retain health, you need to take a deeper look at your lifestyle & hidden health issues. Some of the hidden health issues which I have come across are Leaky Gut1, dysbiosis & food allergies which need a more comprehensive & holistic approach in tackling.

6. Lack of Motivation:

lack ofmotivation

If you have a clearly defined dream, motivation comes by itself. As psychologist Jerry Wesch says “If you have a big enough dream, you don’t need a crisis.” If you are depressed or give up easily you need to redefine your dreams & set goals accordingly.

When you feel like quitting, ask yourself why did you get started!

Above, I  have mentioned some of the very important barriers to weight loss. There are a lot of other barriers hampering your weight loss. Yet, I feel that all other reasons can be roofed under the above obstacles. In my next article, I’ll show you some interesting ways in which you can overcome your health challenges whatever it is.

So, start with your dream & goal setting… As someone has very rightly said,

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

Love & Chi,

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Written by Suyash Bhandari

A computer graduate turns his passion into his profession after successful weight loss & road towards a better health.
Being living example of his principles & teachings he believes everyone promoting health & fitness should be a living example of their techniques & knowledge.
He has worked in hospital & gym settings and has dealed with Healthy (Fit - Sick) as well as diseased people which gave him varied experience of Biochemical Individuality.
He believes in treating the body as a whole system and finding the root cause of a problem instead of traditional symptomatic approach treatment.
He loves coaching & educating people and making them aware about their body mind connection & nature’s way of living.

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