Priya Chaudhari

– I am a practicing Clinical Nutritionist qualified with 5 years of academic qualification the subject Food Science and Nutrition via Bachelors and master’s degree and trained in a clinical setting of reputed hospitals like KEM, Mumbai and GMC, Nagpur with 13 years of working experience in the field of Nutrition with a different specialist like Clinical Nutrition, Community Nutrition, Corporate Nutrition, and Research in Nutrition. But whatever the area or community I worked, since beginning I strongly believe and practice that every individual is different and needs customized diet as per their nutritional requirement and lifestyle need. THERE CAN’T BE STANDARD DIET FOR EVERYONE. I believe in helping my patients to incorporate healthy lifestyle modification rather than only focusing on changing their diet. Because your health is dependent on your lifestyle- eating habits, working hours, sleeping hours, workout regimen, cultural food practices, nutritional needs, financial status and educating you how food affect your health and fitness without complicating the act of eating rather than tracking down only calories/proteins/ carbohydrates in your meal.

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