Prachi Bohora

A nutrition advocate and food lover, Prachi Bohora is a Registered Dietitian with Masters in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics. She is a Certified Diabetes Educator by International Diabetes Federation, Certified Nutrigenomic Counsellor and a UGC-NET qualified lecturer. She is owner and director of “Nourishia”, offering nutrition counseling and consulting services to individuals, families and businesses. ( She is a writer, speaker and consultant amongst others with 8 years of experience. Passionate about nutrition and a strong believer in the power of foods, she translates current scientific evidence into practical lifestyle advice and educates and motivates clients of all ages to reach their health and fitness goals. Her areas of expertise include childhood and adult obesity, diabetes, medical nutrition therapy (diet in different disorders and diseases) and corporate nutrition. Her motto: “Life is stressful; your diet shouldn’t have to be!” Eat.Live.Love.Nourish.

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