Avanti Deshpande

Holistic Nutritionist &Nutrigenomic Counselor Avanti is a renowned Nutritionist, Corporate Wellness Coach, and Menu Analyst for Restaurants & Cafeterias, And A Certified Nutrigenomic Counselor with over 16 years of versatile experience in the industry. As a consultant Nutritionist, she lends her expertise to Individuals, Corporate, Food Brands , Education Institutions, NGOS , Restaurants/Hotels/Cafeterias/Caterers & Gym & Fitness Centers. She is also an active Columnist, Author, Food Brand Ambassador & Speaker on the subject of Food Science , Nutrition, Health & Nutrition. Knowing to be highly engaged and responsive Nutritionist –Avanti educates & her knowledge actively on all online & social channels and has clients across varied business verticals. Her popularity is due to her unique consultation approach, wherein she puts in a lot of research into studying the body compositions of the client to design a holistic diet plan that is regularly followed through with the client . In her practice as a nutritionist consultant, Avanti has already touched more than 4000 lives through Consultation, Workshops and Menu Development thus enabling effective lifestyles for many of her clients. Avanti has completed BHSC in Food Science and Quality control from Pune SNDT University. She completed Post Graduate in Food Science & Nutrition from SNDT Mumbai a certified Nutrigenomic Counselor by Genesupportand a much celebrated nutritionist for citadel Pageants. A sought after Writer , Author, &Speaker in prominent Publications, Health & Fitness Pageants and institutes , her motto is to make people live healthier lives by following scientifically planned diet regimes that are simpleand easy to follow. Our Credentials – Nutrigenomic Counselor by Genesupport BHSC Food Science & Quality Control – Pune SNDT University PG – Food Science & Nutrition – Mumbai SNDT University Citadel Pageant Nutritionist Columnist Author Speaker Wellness Coach IDA Member

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