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Dr. Mansi Patil is a practicing clinical nutritionist with a focus on Cardio-metabolic syndrome. She has a PhD in Environmental Sciences where her area of study was to investigate the “Risk factors of hypertension in males in a semi-urban set-up of population in Western India”. An important outcome of this research suggests that hypertension profiling of population, at least, in this region must done at each level of healthcare interaction. She is currently the Secretary of the Society of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism, Pune (India) and is actively involved in conducting educational programs for medical and para-medical professionals. She is a Visiting Faculty for Master’s programs on Public Health Nutrition offered by the Maharashtra University of Medical Sciences (Pune Centre, India). She is a trained UNICEF Nutrition Rehabilitation Centre expert and is a ToT (Trainer-of-Trainers) consultant for the Infant and Young Child Nutrition (IYCF) program. She has participated and presented her most recent research at the 1st Asia Pacific Cardio-Metabolic Syndrome conference held at Seoul, South Korea in 2018. Her work is focused on the Preventive aspect of Cardio-metabolic syndrome and its epidemiology especially related to hypertension and its dietary, lifestyle and behavioural risk factors. She is a practitioner of yoga and also a prolific writer for newspapers and an active advocate for promoting healthy lifestyles. Dr Mansi Patil has also published 4 research papers in refereed journals. She has also been included under the “Women in Hypertension Spotlight” by ISH for her work in Hypertension. She has successfully lead the Pune (India) campaign of the May Measurement Month for 2017 and 2018.



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