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5 Simple Ways to Lose Belly Fat

belly fat

Bally fat – the fat of abdominal cavity can obviously make men and women both look very out of shape.

Abdominal fat is also the harmful and linked with various chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiac diseases, metabolic diseases etc.

Therefore Losing belly fat not only about uplifting your aesthetic tremendously but also helps you live longer, better and a healthier life.

Now, Exercise and healthy diet are definitely the norm for weight loss but here are the some beneficial tips to accelerate your fat loss and alleviate your concerns about waistline.

Healthy Eating Habits


1) Cut down the sugar

  • Sugar in any form liquid or solid is the most unhealthy and gives harmful effects on metabolic health. SO avoid sugary food or drinks in daily diet to eliminate various health problems.
  • Sugar means glucose and fructose and when you get overloaded with fructose, it wont be metabolised by liver and converted into fat which gets deposited in the belly and liver for storage.
  • Sugary sweetened beverages are proven to be the worst for children and linked to obesity.If you take some fresh fruits or juices contain the negligible amount of fructose as compared to refined sugars.
  • If you have sweet tooth and cant resist to have some cakes or pastries, then start having less sugar or select some dark chocolates.
  • In market ,various packaged juices claim to be fresh fruit juices but contains the enough amount of refined sugar therefore avoid buying those and start having raw fruits or some homemade fruit juices. they are not only fresh but also have enough amount of fibres and essential  nutrients.

2) Eat more Protein

  • Protein is an essential macronutrient when we talk about weight loss. As protein has the positive effect of boosting metabolism, reduce appetite and belly fat deposition.
  • Eating high-quality protein in the diet including nuts, seafood, eggs, legumes, meat, dairy products, etc. Try to make the habit of cooking with coconut oil as we know the benefits of coconut loaded with decent nutrients.

3) Consume Healthy Carbs


It is not needed to complete eliminating carbs from the dish but choose intelligently. Choose the source of Carbohydrate like brown rice, dark bread, bulgar wheat sweeter fruits, starchy veggies, etc. The fibers in whole grains reduce hunger for longer and thus you tend to eat less.

4) Increase the intake of Vitamin C

vitamin C
  • Vitamin C is the best nutrient for keeping all the health problems at bay.
  • There are plenty of sources for vitamin c like citrus, berries, broccoli, bell pepper and they contain some amount of minerals as well.
  • It would be a great idea to take one fruit on a daily basis and satisfy your sugar cravings.

Keep Hydrating the body

stay hydrated

Water is much crucial for survival and said that daily at least 2 liters of intake should be for healthy well being.

  • If you don’t get enough water, your routine activity also gets affected and especially if the sweating is more due to a high-intensity workout, take some electrolytes to replenish the lost electrolytes as precipitation.
  • There are many other things to increase your water intake as you get it from some fresh fruits, vegetables and even making some smoothie or hot soup.
  • Water helps to remove unwanted toxins and especially take cold water for boosting calories burn helps to shed some extra pounds especially in the midsection of the body. Also, we ensure that your kidneys do not retain much water as you get the much benefit of weight loss.
  • Drink water half an hour before a meal makes you less eating and tummy fuller. But always remember not to drink water immediately after lunch or dinner, wait for 10-15 mins and then drink.
  • Drinking much water helps you feel energetic and works you harder throughout the day.

Relax and De-stress your body

relax for fat loss
  • Tension due to various problems can make havoc on your health.
  • Whenever you are in a state of mental strain, some stress hormones are released from adrenal glands like Cortisol.
  • Stress hormone released into the blood stream can put your health in danger as increasing chances of various health issues such as digestive problems, weight gain, depression, and other issues as well.
  • The study showed that women who are much vulnerable to stress increases the chances of increased abdominal fat and also eat some sweet things which give other health effects.
  • To relieve stress practice some yoga, meditation or listen to some music, do the things which make you happy, and take at least 8 hrs of sleep in a day to get rid of all tensions.
  • But also make do not oversleep and no work for longer make the inflated tummy.

Let your Digestive System do the Cleaning job

  • In recent times, we are always in a hurry and avoid this and ignore when our tummy wants to do its job. But there must be a habit of using of the bathroom every day. Otherwise, overtime brain will start ignoring the body’s signals and you will start suffering from constipation.
  • Constipation is the major health issue and linked with various health problems. I think people should start the day by having a warm glass of lemon water due to its detoxication characterize.

Do exercise and go for walk daily

  • Exercising the body is the way of adding more years in life and to avoid diseases. Aerobic exercises like swimming, running are much useful in reducing belly fat.
  • Exercise helps in lowering blood sugar, reduce stress level, inflammation and other abnormalities associated with abdominal area.
  • The research found that the fastens your heart rate, increases the release of epinephrine in the bloodstream. The positive sign of epinephrine increases the release of abdominal fat in the bloodstream to be used for energy instead of its deposition.
  • But if you feel tiresome doing workout every day, go for 30 minutes relaxed walk to stimulate metabolism and it helps to cut down some inches on your waistline.

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