5 Quick Tricks to Cure Skin Hangover

Are you a makeup addict? Love to put your cosmetics and flaunt with your flawless skin even in the rainy season? Well, you may not have any idea about how much damage your skin is dealing with every day because of the cosmetics available in the market. If you want to cure your hangover of makeup, pollution, skin tan and whatnot, the following practices will help you a lot.

Well, starting with some bad facts: your skin can crack up sun damage every time you’re out in the sun without protection, or because of using some makeup stuff but that damage is caused internally which may be seen in the late ’30s.

Follow Cleansing with Moisturizer regularly

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Make sure that you use a moisturizer on your face for removing makeup regularly. Try to choose products that are rich in ingredients like honey, aloe Vera and which contains natural ingredients. Also, you should use cleansing lotions twice a week for healthy skin. These can help to remove the dead skin cells. As a result, our entire skin gets rejuvenated.

Energise skin with a scrub.

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   The simplest way to give skin a post-night out wake-up call is by using a face scrub. Exfoliating your skin with scrub boosts circulation and improves your complexion in the process. This is personally my favorite trick and it really works.

Try out some home remedies

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Apply Aloe Vera gel to your damaged skin.  You can apply the gel directly to your skin from the plant or you can purchase aloe Vera gel from the drugstores.          

Egg: Use egg white part for oily skin, egg yolk can be used for dry skin.           

Juicy Treatment: Try lemon, Apple and Pineapple Juices they are known as natural home remedies for glowing skin. Apply the mixture of these juices on your damage skin, leave for 15 minutes and wash with normal water.                                 

Natural Cleaner: Take two tablespoon of milk and slice a clean tomato. Apply the mixture to your face, leave it for 10-15 minutes, wash it with normal water.

Having a balanced diet   

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Drink lots of water, the body’s water needs to increase when it’s in repair mode. According to the physicians, a body healing from a wound or open sore can use up to a liter of water a day. Because of this increased use, you need to drink even more than the standard 8 cups of water.

Vitamin C:  It is known as an  anti – aging vitamin which works externally as well. Have fruits rich in vitamin c like oranges, citrus, guavas, thyme, etc.

Use natural/mineral makeup

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It is recommended to change your preference and go for natural makeup products. Nowadays, most of the regular cosmetics contain Paraben which, being harmful chemical preservatives, can take a toll on our overall health and well-being. Natural makeup products comprise plant ingredients, which are absolutely good for our health and can keep our skin intact.  There is a great alternative to chemical cosmetics, these products help to improve the appearance of our skin, So it is better to spend on mineral makeup products.

Last but not the least; keep changing your makeup products. It is advised that you replace your old cosmetics every 6 months and maintain the health of your skin. Or else, your skin will develop bacterial colonies and get ruined completely. Hopefully, these few quick tricks help you to cure your skin hangover soon!

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Written by Pratiksha Satpure

Pratiksha Satpure is a 2nd year student in Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicines and Surgery. She had worked with a fashion blogger in past. She is fascinated in writing, literature and loves to explore new places, foodie person and loves to learn new things.

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