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10 Commandments for Quick and Healthy Weight Loss

weight loss

When it comes to weight loss, there are no shortcuts to it. Weight Loss is a lifestyle adapted according to our body & incongruent with nature. We have to learn to listen to our body signal which is given a moment to moment. Nobody can understand your body better than you yourself. Here in this article, I have given you some tools & methods which when applied & meditated will increase your success rate, not only of weight loss but also sustenance & maintenance of it.

1. Why do you want to lose weight:

why do you want to loose weight

Ist step to consider while beginning your weight loss journey is to ask yourself this Question. You should be clear about your dream & set realistic goals about achieving it. I call it ABC’s of your Dream i.e. Create, Believe (have faith) & taking necessary steps & Actions every day for achieving your Dreams.

 2. Tame your Appetite (Reduced calorie intake):

reduce your calories

The Weight Loss formula is simply eating fewer Calories than you burn in a day. For e.g., if you are eating 2000kcals/d & burning 2200 kcal/d, you are on your journey to losing healthy weight. You don’t need to starve yourself; you need to eat frequent small meals to keep your metabolism on fire. When you start eating “Nutrient dense foods” you get fewer food cravings & you start to tame your appetite.

3. Tailoring your food portions

tailor your food portions
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In order to lose weight one of the easy things you could start doing is to cutting down the size of the food plate & balancing your meals in term of carbohydrate, Proteins & Fat.

4. Introducing variety in your diet:

introducing variety in your diet

There is lots of variety of foods present in the world, almost more than 200 species of varieties, but most people only eat less than 20 kinds of foods in their whole life. Eating a different kind of natural foods will give different nutrients which will lessen your chances of food allergies. Try delicious healthy innovative recipes.

5. Know what’s hidden in your Genes:

what is hidden in your genes?

We are the result of our gene expression. Genetic Testing can be used as a tool for detailed analysis of how your body is designed. Based on your DNA test your exercise & diet plan can be designed more individualized & customized according to your needs. There are many companies in India who do the genetic test but most authenticated company I recommend & have come across is GeneSupport.

6. Eating Real & Whole foods:

eating whole and real food is very important
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I consider there are 2 types of foods: Dead or Alive, if a food that takes your energy in digesting them, those are considered as Dead foods & on the other hand the foods which give you energy & those which contain enzymes for digesting themselves are live foods. For e.g. all processed foods which are cooked are ‘dead’ till some extent & foods which contains enzymes like Raw foods comes under alive foods. You need to make optimal choices depending on your core values.

7. Get your daily quota of Dr. Movement [Exercise]:

get your daily quota of exercise

Dr. Movement categorizes exercise as 2 types: Working-In & Working out. Most of the individuals consider working out like Weightlifting, Aerobics, etc. for losing weight, on the other hand, Working In i.e. Energy Building exercises like Pranayama, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Meditation, Deep Breathing Exercises, etc. which builds our Immune System & replenishes our energy resources. I consider having both in your routine on rest days’ Work In Exercises & on regular days’ Work Out exercises. And do change your workout routine every 4 weeks to keep the body guessing & growing stronger.

8. Turn your Metabolism On:

turn your metabolism on
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There are certain Herbs which help in increasing your metabolism. Herbs like Ginger, Garlic, Green Tea, Chilies, pepper, Ashwagandha, etc. boost your metabolism by increasing the heat production of the body.

9. Take your time while eating:

take your time while chewing
via-Chew Your Food

As there is a Chinese saying “Drink your Food & chew you Water”. Eating your meals in a calm, relaxed environment, enjoying the food & expressing gratitude towards the food is an essential step for having a good relationship with food. You should be having food with joyful state of mind & eating mindfully & chewing 20 to 25 times each n every bite will take you towards mindful eating.

10. Eat only when you are Hungry:

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There is no particular time to eat your meals, only you can decide when you need to eat by establishing a relationship with your body & learn to listen what your body is signaling or saying to you. Your body is always talking to you & giving signals, you need to listen to them in order to develop a healthy relationship with your body. Eat your meals only when you are really hungry.

A journey of a 1000 miles start with a single step. So you just need to take Ist step & get started.”

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Written by Suyash Bhandari

A computer graduate turns his passion into his profession after successful weight loss & road towards a better health.
Being living example of his principles & teachings he believes everyone promoting health & fitness should be a living example of their techniques & knowledge.
He has worked in hospital & gym settings and has dealed with Healthy (Fit - Sick) as well as diseased people which gave him varied experience of Biochemical Individuality.
He believes in treating the body as a whole system and finding the root cause of a problem instead of traditional symptomatic approach treatment.
He loves coaching & educating people and making them aware about their body mind connection & nature’s way of living.

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